Gas-Pumping Unit GPU-16 "Ladoga"

"REP Holding" offers to manufacture "Ladoga" series GPU-16 to be installed on the compressor stations of the main gas pipelines with the operating pressure from 5.5 to 12.0 MPa.

GPU-16 "Ladoga" is designed to transport the natural gas, and can be used both for re-construction of existing gas transfer stations, and for construction of new gas transfer stations on the main gas pipeline. The unit is delivered as a turnkey package along with the individual hangar-type shelter building.

"REP Holding" is the manufacturer of GPU-16 "Ladoga".

16 MW Gas-Pumping Unit is manufactured and assembled by the Holding at the manufacturing facilities of "Nevsky Zavod". T16 gas turbine is jointly designed in cooperation with GE Oil&Gas.

Unit Components:

  • 16 MW Gas-Turbine Unit;
  • Centrifugal Natural Gas Compressor;
  • Complex Automatic Control System (KSAU);
  • Filter House, including the Anti-Icing System;
  • Dry Gas Seal Control System;
  • Separation and Buffer (Sealing) Gas Treatment and Supply System;
  • Oil Supply System;
  • Instrument Air Treatment and Supply System;
  • Fuel Gas Conditioning and Supply System;
  • Exhaust System;
  • GPU Fire Fighting System;
  • Turbounit Cooling System;
  • Axial Compressor Washing System;
  • Hangar-type Shelter Building together with emergency, exhaust, and supply ventilation, lighting, heating systems, etc.;
  • Lifting Equipment inside the Building;
  • Air Heating Unit of the Building;
  • Auxiliary Equipment as specified by the individual requirements of the Customer and as required by the construction climatology.

Components of GPU-16 "Ladoga"

1 - GTU;
2 - Filter House;
3 - Exhaust System;
4 - Oil Cooler;
5 - Building Heating Unit;
6 - Instrument Air Treatment;
7 - Metal Framework of the Hangar-Type Building;
8 - Lifting Equipment;
9 - Ventilation System of the Building