Т25 Gas Turbine Unit

Т-22/25 gas turbine, simple - cycle

The heavy-duty Т22/25 GTP are manufactured and assembled in Russia on the production site of REP Holding - “Nevsky Zavod” under the license and in cooperation with Solar Turbines. It features high economical efficiency (40%) at a low level of harmful emissions for this power rating.

The main indicators

  • 22.37 MW - shaft power
  • 40% - efficiency, mechanical drive
  • 38.9% - efficiency, electrical (simple cycle)
  • 200 ths. hours – full service life
  • NOx emissions – no more than 25 ppm

GTU-T25 advantages

  • high reliability
  • the best efficiency in its class
  • high economical efficiency at different operating conditions
  • lateral roll-out of the turbo-unit for holding a technical maintenance

GTU-T25 components:

  • Gas turbine
  • Starting system
  • Fuel system
  • Lubrication oil system
  • Turbotronic 4 control system
  • Oil tank - frame
  • Electric wiring on the base plate
  • Pipelines and headers
  • Inlet duct of the turbine air-intake
  • Turbine exhaust duct
  • Noise- and heat-proof enclosure
  • Ventilation system
  • Fire- detection and fire-fighting system
  • Gas detection system