Т32 Gas Turbine Unit

Т-32 (MS5002E) is a high — technology turbine produced by CJSC “REPH” rated at 32 MW under the license of GE Oil & Gas (Nuovo Pignone S.p.A.). This is a new generation machine, for operating conditions of any degree of complexity.


  • as part of gas–pumping units at compressor stations of gas-main pipelines;
  • as part of combined–cycle gas turbines at Combined Heat and Power Plants and Central Heating and Power Plants;
  • in ship–building as the main propulsion plant for ships and vessels.


  • nominal power — 32 MW;
  • high efficiency — 36 %;
  • improved environmental measures, low level of emissions (NOx=18ppm);
  • long service life, high level of reparability;
  • MS5002E is a multipurpose turbine.