Upgraded Unit Based on K320 Compressor

The K320-131-1 centrifugal compressor is designed to compress oil gas at gas-processing plants.

The compressor and all the completing equipment are explosion–proof and can be operated in the explosive room of В-1А class, with 2Т-2 explosive mixture category and group.

The compressor is two-cylinder, twosection, thirteen–staged. The tightness of the compressor cylinders is provided by means of oil end seals. The LP cylinder has a cast casing horizontally split. The HP cylinder has a forged barrel type casing with an end cover.

The el. motor and the exciter are explosion–proof, blown through under gage pressure in the closed ventilation cycle.

The K320-131-1 compressor has been designed for the foundation dimensions of the K380-103-1 and K354-101-1 units, which makes it possible to replace the outdated equipment at minimum costs.

Technical characteristics