K270-61-1 compressor


The compressor is designed to compress hydric gas in the hydrocracking processing lines.

The unit components:

  • compressor;
  • step-up gear;
  • el. motor drive;
  • oil supply system;
  • governing system;
  • hardware for monitoring, control, protection and signaling;
  • intermediate and by-pass gas coolers.

The compressor is supplied in preassembled units: the compressor unit and oil supply unit. The rest of the equipment is supplied as separate assembly units.

The compressor unit includes the compressor cylinder and step-up gear mounted on a common foundation frame. On the frame mounted are some pipes of the oil pipeline and gas pipeline of leakages.

The compressor proper presents a one-cylinder, two-section, sixstaged machine. The compressor sections feature opposite direction of the compressed gas flow. The tightness of the compressor cylinder is provided by end face seals. Between the compressor and drive el. motor installed is the step-up gear.

The compressor is driven by an asynchronous electric motor.

Gas is cooled between the sections and after the compressor in the intermediate and end gas coolers of the shell-and-tube type.

The oil accumulators allow for trouble-free shutdown of the unit in case of power supply failure.

The governing system provides maintenance of constant pressure at the compressor suction by means of bypassing gas from the compressor to the suction.

The compressor is provided with antisurge protection and the hardware allowing for the compressor operation without permanent presence of the attending personnel on site.p>