The Holding company pays close attention to training with a view to accumulating knowledge and professional competencies, using this knowledge to form goals and values, to make decisions, to increase productivity and quality of work. Regular skills upgrading improves production efficiency, competitiveness, as well as the company goodwill on the domestic and foreign markets.

The main objectives of the training:

  • staff preparation for new production tasks
  • systematic updating of staff knowledge;
  • professional culture growth;
  • implementation of ongoing training model;
  • growth of the company employees' professional rating.

To develop professional competence the Holding provides the opportunity to attend dedicated courses and seminars, training and practical study abroad is arranged.

The program of the annual training plan on a mandatory basis includes the training and retraining of staff in accordance with the requirements of the RF legislation and QMS standards.

Also training of new workers (those who are not in the profile of the company) is performed.

Great attention is paid to the upgrading and mastering of related professions by the company personnel. Skills upgrading is implemented both at educational institutions and internally with the assistance of teachers from specialized training organizations. Training is also carried out through participation in topical workshops, exhibitions, trainings.

Special attention is paid to young professionals' training. Together with a number of technical universities of St. Petersburg, focused students training is underway in specialties that are in demand in the production.

The training of managers and specialists is provided when new products are developed, new software tools and regulatory documents are introduced.