Centrifugal Compressors 220-11-1SMP, 200-21-1SMP,300-21-1SMP and 320-31-SMP

Compressor power: 4, 6 and 12 MW.


The centrifugal compressors are equipped with:

  • dry gas dynamic seals system;
  • active magnetic bearing system of the rotor (complete set of bearings) produced under the license of S2M;
  • confusor, complete set of transducers to measure gas flow for operation of the anti-surge protection and in-process measurement of the centrifugal compressor capacity with an accuracy of no more than 4 %;
  • complete set of tools for assembly and disassembly of the compressor.

The compressor rotor is equipped with two radial magnetic bearings and a double-sided axial magnetic bearing, the electric motor rotor — with two radial magnetic bearings.

Safety bearings (included in the AMBS) provides the runaway of the unit rotors in case of emergency power cutoff of the magnetic bearing system. Also, uninterrupted power supply for the magnetic bearing system by accumulators is provided in case of the main power supply failure.

The active magnetic bearing system of the centrifugal compressor is controlled and monitored from the dedicated control cabinet.

Explosion protection of the magnetic bearing is provided by the compressor design.

Technical characteristics

All the EGPU are supplied in fully «dry» version (with dry gas dynamic seals and the AMBS), excluding the use of oil, which in turn significantly reduces operating costs.