Unit driven by the high-speed variable speed electric motor with K-230 compressor

The K-230 compressor is incorporated into the electrically-driven gas–pumping unit EGPU-4,0/14000 and is designed for compression and transmission of oil gas.

The unit components:

  • K230-81-1 SMP compressor;
  • high–speed el. motor;
  • semiconductor frequency converters;
  • automatic control and governing system of the unit.

Description of the K230-81-1 SMP compressor

The compressor is made one–cylinder, two-section, eight–staged. The compressor casing is forged, with a welded discharge branch pipe and a bolted suction branch pipe.

The compressor rotor is equipped with a magnetic bearing of the rotor, the digital control system of which is connected with the unit control and governing system of EMCM 4000/14 000 type. The nominal compressor shaft speed is 14 000 rpm, the drive power is 4.0 MW.

The tightness of the compressor is provided by dry gas dynamic seals. To prevent damage to the stator and rotor parts of the magnetic bearings after switching off the power and in case of emergency installed are auxiliary bearings that provide the emergency rundown of the rotor. The confusor and a set of transducers to measure gas parameters provide operation of the compressor antisurge protection.

Scope of supply:

  • compressor unit;
  • dry gas seals system;
  • magnetic bearing system of the rotor, including the control cabinet with the UPS batteries (energy consumption of the magnetic bearing system ≈ 5 kW) and cables;
  • restriction device set for the antisurge protection system;
  • a set of transition discharge branch pipe;
  • foundation frame with fasteners;
  • intermediate shaft guard up to the fire–proof partition;
  • counter–flanges of the magnetic bearing system, dry gas seals system with sealing and fastening elements on the side of the compressor;
  • complete set of plugs for pressure test of the gas loop;
  • intermediate gas cooler;
  • complete set of special tools;
  • appliances for assembly and disassembly of the compressor and its component parts;
  • complete set of replacement parts;
  • complete set of replacement parts for mounting, pre–commissioning and acceptance tests;
  • complete set of transport boxes;
  • piping to supply and remove gas and air flows from the dry gas seals system instrumentation to the seal.

Technical characteristics К230-81-1 СМП