REP Holding is a reliable brand, strong and successful company which employs highly skilled, dedicated and creative staff.

The main value of the company is PEOPLE, determined, possessing leadership qualities, responsible for the results of their activities.

The REP Holding staff is a team of highly qualified professionals who develop unique design solutions, solve complex production tasks, create a high-tech product to provide modern equipment for key branches of different industries.

At REP Holding the contribution of every employee in the development of the production process is recognized, favorable and comfortable working conditions are created, ample opportunities for professional and personal growth of each employee are provided.

The production facilities and scientific-and-technical potential are the competitive advantage of the Holding company. Our experts solve unique production tasks, develop and launch new products into production within the shortest time.

REP Holding shows high social responsibility for the staff:

  • active human resources policy is pursued;
  • social guarantees are ensured;
  • corporate events are arranged;
  • staff training and professional skills enhancing is provided;
  • benefits package is provided: optional medical insurance, subsidized meals;
  • intensive cooperation with specialized high educational institutions is maintained for young specialists training.