Electrically Driven Gas - Pumping Units (EGPU)

“REP Holding” produces in series EGPU rated at 4, 6.3 and 12.5 MW. These units are designed for compression of natural gas at compressor stations and its transmission via gas-main pipelines. The Holding facilities produce directdrive oil-free units mounted on an active magnetic bearing, with dry gas-dynamic seals (DGS) and variable-frequency electric drive with a possibility of remote access.
The new generation EGPU are designed to replace the out-of-date electrically driven units during the reconstruction of the compressor stations.

Technical characteristics of the EGPU

EGPU components:

    •natural gas centrifugal compressor;
    •asynchronous high speed electric motor;
    •semiconductor frequency converter;
    •automatic control and governing system of the unit;
    •gas air–cooler with a valve electric drive;
    •active magnetic bearing system (AMBS);
    •electric power supply system.