Steel Casting

Casting of carbon, alloyed (corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic, etc.) steel items weighing from 0.1 to 2 tonnes for the machine-building industry.

Product Specifications

Products Stteel Grade Weight Range, tonnes
HP cylinders of the steam turbines 20ХМЛ, 15Х1М1ФЛ, 20ХМФЛ up to 2,0
Feed Spout 20ГСЛ, 25Л, 35Л up to 2,0
Centrifugal wheel 20ГСЛ, 25Л, 30Л up to 2,0
Steam chest and nozzle box15Х1М1ФЛ, 20ХМЛ, 12ХМЛ, 20ХМФЛ, 25Л 0,1-2,0
Dampers, shutoff valves 15Х1М1ФЛ, 20ХМЛ, 12ХМЛ, 20ХМФЛ, 25Л 0,1-2,0
Nonmagnetic pressure ringНЛ-30 (30ХЗН17Г2Л) up to 2,0


Steel Ingots


Production of steel ingots (weighing from 0.5 to 3 tonnes) of carbon, alloyed, and high-alloyed steel grades.