• Manufacture and package-supply of the power-generating equipment
  • Engineering solutions and design
  • Engineering, design and pre-commissioning work
  • Upgrading and reconditioning
  • Modernization and technical re-equipment of the industrial facilities
  • Installation supervision and service
  • Industrial safety expert review. Life-time extension.

When designing and manufacturing the Products, "REP Holding" specialists apply unique engineering and process solutions. The Products are manufactured considering any severity level of the operational conditions, the Customer’s requirements and the applicable National and International Standards.

Every year the Holding companies develop and master manufacturing processes for new types of equipment, remaining the only Russian manufacturers who produce stationary gas turbines rated at 32 MW.

Special subdivision of  "REP Holding" provide service maintenance and supply of spares parts for the whole service life of the units. Highly skilled specialists of the installation and maintenance service perfom installation, pre-commissioning activities, supervise all stages of the supplied equipment operation, as well as provide warranty and post-warranty service during the whole life of the units.