Key Competence of “REP Holding” companies

JSC "REPH" is a leading Russian power engineering holding, designer, manufacturer and supplier of the new generation power equipment. REP Holding is incorporated in Gazprom Energoholding Group since 2019.      

JSC "REPH" develops, manufactures and package-supplies power-generating equipment for the oil&gas, metallurgy, chemical industries, power generation and integrated power grid.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Scientific and technical potential, application of unique structural and process solutions
  • Powerful manufacturing and engineering facilities
  • Successful experience in localization of advanced foreign technologies
  • Manufacture of the modern power-saving turbine and compressor equipment
  • Unified production management system
  • All stages of the manufacturing cycle, from designing to servicing
  • Turn-key packaged supplies
  • High reliability and operational readiness of the units
  • Automated manufacturing techniques
  • Improved environmental measures

Holding enterprises design and manufacture:

  • New generation gas-pumping units rated at 16, 22, 32 MW
  • Steam turbine units rated at 6 to 25 MW
  • Complete electrically-driven gas-pumping units rated at 4.0; 6.3; 10,5; 12.5 MW
  • Centrifugal compressors rated at 4 to 32 MW
  • Power-generating unit based on steam and gas turbines from 0.5 to 32 MW
  • Variable - frequency electric drives rated at 1 to 100 MW
  • Automated electric power control, adjustment, distribution and conversion systems
  • Overall manufacturing facilities' automation systems

Innovative power-generating products of "REP Holding" companies are used for upgrading the gas transmission system, modern power-generating units construction in metallurgical and petrochemical sectors and in other industrial fields.

The pattern of the REP Holding products distribution by industries: