Purpose and application

Purpose and application

The centrifugal compressor machines of this group are designed to compress raw oil gas and to supply it to the place of its utilization. These units are used at electric and thermal power stations, gasprocessing plants, underground storage and other sites.

The machines are made as oneand two-cylinder explosion-proof versions. The units feature high mounting availability and are supplied fully completed, in preassembled modules, equipped with modern hardware making it possible to fully automate the unit control process.

The unit components

The unit includes a drive el. motor and the compressor unit with the ASKU automatic control system developed by CJSC “REPH”.

Standard completeness of the unit

The scope of supply includes compressor, electric motor, instrumentation and ASKU ACS. The compressors consist of cylinders with rotors, foundation plates and frames, anchor bolts, intermediate air cooler with supports and connecting air ducts, couplings,step-up gears, lubrication system (including the oil tank, filter unit and pumping unit), anti-surge control and protection system. Together with the compressor supplied is a complete set of appliances to lift the upper part of the compressor cylinders and rotors, for alignment of the compressor and drive rotors; wrenches and tools for technical maintenance; replacement spare parts and operational documentation.