• Gas Turbines Gas Turbines
    • Т32 Gas Turbine Unit

      Т32 (MS5002E) is a high — technology turbine produced by CJSC “REPH” rated at 32 MW under the license of GE Oil & Gas (Nuovo Pignone S.p.A.). This is a new generation machine, for operating conditions of any degree of complexity.

    • Т16 Gas Turbine Unit

      T16 turbine has been developed by REP Holding engineers in cooperation with GE Oil & Gas to perfectly match Russian market requirements. The gas turbine engine, industrial type, features high efficiency (37%), with a prolonged life cycle and high flexibility for on-site service maintenance due, low harmful emissions (NOx<25 ppm).

    • Т25 Gas Turbine Unit

      The heavy-duty Т22/25 GTP are manufactured and assembled in Russia on the production site  of REP Holding - “Nevsky Zavod” under the license and in cooperation with Solar Turbines. It features high economical efficiency (40%) at a low level of harmful emissions for this power rating.

    • Top-pressure recovery turbines (TPRT)

      Top-pressure recovery turbines (TPRT) operating on the blast-furnace top gas are designed to generate electric power at the expense of pressure differential between the gas pressure under the blastfurnace top and pressure in the all-factory top gas reservoir from which gas comes to the consumer.

  • Steam Turbines Steam Turbines
    • Electrically Driven Gas - Pumping Units (EGPU)

      “REP Holding” produces in series EGPU rated at 4, 6.3 and 12.5 MW.
      These units are designed for compression of natural gas at compressor
      stations and its transmission via gas-main pipelines.

    • Gas-Pumping Unit GPU-32

      "REP Holding" produces a high-technology gas–pumping unit “Ladoga-32” for operating conditions of any degree of complexity, remarkable in its high efficiency (36 %), low emissions and prolonged service life.

    • Gas-Pumping Unit GPU-25 "Ladoga"

      REP Holding offers manufacture of GPA- 25 “Ladoga” for installation at compressor stations of the gas trunk-lines with operating pressure from 5.5 to 12.0 Mpa.

    • Gas-Pumping Unit GPU-16 "Ladoga"

      "REP Holding" offers to manufacture "Ladoga" series GPU-16 to be installed on the compressor stations of the main gas pipelines with the operating pressure from 5.5 to 12.0 MPa.

  • Iron Castings Iron Castings
    • Iron Casting

      Casting of gray iron items weighing from 0.02 to 2.5 tonnes for general purposes and for power-plant purposes.

  • Steel Castings Steel Castings
    • Steel Casting

      Casting of carbon, alloyed (corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic, etc.) steel items weighing from 0.1 to 2 tonnes for the machine-building industry.

Packaged Solutions

“REP Holding” takes a comprehensive approach to accomplish the specified tasks. The Company offers a ready solution across a range of the industry sectors. Not only this solution implies manufacturing of an individual parts, but of a whole unit together with the auxiliaries. This makes the Customer feel comfortable since such solution ensures centralization of all project operations and reliability of the unit. The production structure of “REP Holding” allows to accomplish the whole package of project operations: designing, manufacturing of the parts, assembling and tuning, testing, delivery to the site, installation and installation supervision of the equipment in the operating process.