Axial Compressors for the Blast Furnaces

The group of the compressors for the blast furnaces includes three machine series: K-3750-1, K-4300-1, K-4950-1, having a volumetric capacity of 3750–4950 m³/ min. at the final air pressure 0.46–0.54 MPa.

Design Features

The compressors of this group are a single-cylinder, single-shaft machines without intermediate cooler. The compressors are equipped with the protection devices and controls, which provide stable operation of the compressors. The control, protection, monitoring and signaling system is the same as the one of the steam turbine, and is an integral part of the turbine. The compressor is operated from the control panel. The compressor is started from the local control panel, and stopping, from the local and remote control panels.

Brief Description of the Compressor

The compressor housing includes a suction cavity, a vane carrier and a discharge cavity. Every element of the housing is a horizontallyconnected casting.