Centrifugal Compressors for Gas – Pumping Units driven by GTU

This group of units includes compressors of a new generation that differ from the previously developed in the availability of forged barrel–type casings.

General description of the design

Packages of compressors, consisting of the stator elements, rotor, bearings, seals and butt parts, are fixed in boring casing thrust rings, perceiving the pressure of the gas.

The compressor is driven directly by the turbine, without a gear unit, through a flexible coupling.

The compressor rotor consists of the shaft with fitted–on three impellers, balancing piston, thrust disc, bush and axial replacement transducer disc. The dry gas seal (DGS) assemblies are made as single one–piece modules arranged as “double serial seals with supply of barrier air for purging the double end labyrinth”.The DGS assemblies are supplied in the reversible version.

The compressor is equipped with appliances that make it possible to perform full and partial disassembly inside the compartment for further maintenance or repair.