K104-101-1 compressor


The compressor is designed to compress ethylene and propylene vapor as part of the facilities for isothermal storage of ethylene and propylene.

The unit components:

  • centrifugal compressor made two-cylinder;
  • step-up gear;
  • el. motor drive;
  • oil supply system;
  • governing system;
  • hardware for monitoring, control, protection and signaling;
  • intermediate and by-pass gas coolers.

Design features

The compressor represents a twocylinder two-section machine with gas being cooled between the cylinders. The compressor cylinders are horizontally split; the suction and discharge branch pipes are directed downwards.

The compressor is driven by an induction el. motor.

The oil system of the unit provides forced lubrication of the unit, as well as oil supply to the step-up gear gearing, toothed couplings, end face seals. The oil accumulators allow for trouble-free shutdown of the unit in case of power failure.

The governing system provides maintenance of constant pressure at compressor suction by way of gas bypass.

The compressor is equipped with anti-surge protection.

The hardware is designed to control the compressor and allows for complete automation of the compressor control both during start, shutdown, and during operation.