• ACS of industrial objects;
  • ACS TP of gas turbine electric station;
  • ACS TP of distribution sub-stations;
  • the cabinets of central signaling system of the switchgears.

Сomplex of services

The creation of the automatic control systems includes:

  • draft design investigations at a site;
  • development of Technical Assignments for creation of ACS taking into account individual requirements of Purchaser;
  • draft design development based on the Engineering;
  • development of construction project drawings and specifications;
  • software engineering, realizing control algorithm of production equipment (Low level of controlling) and sequences of information collection and processing (Upper level of controlling);
  • manufacture and delivery of equipment according to specifications;
  • installation and commissioning;
  • warranty and post services;
  • customer personnel training.

The benefits:

  • the automatic control process of technological equipment;
  • the increasing of stability, reliability and efficiency of the technological equipment operation;
  • the increasing of the operability and accuracy of the accepted solutions;
  • the decreasing of the operating costs;
  • the improvement of employees working conditions;
  • the creation of the operation modes library.