K 354-101-1 compressor

The K 354-101-1 compressor is designed to compress oil gas at gas-processing plants.

The compressor and all the completing equipment are explosionproof and can be operated in the explosive room of В-1А class, with 2Т-2 explosive mixture category and group.

The compressor is two-cylinder, two-section, ten-staged. The tightness of the compressor cylinders is provided by means of oil end seals.

The el. motor and the exciter are explosion–proof, blown through under gage pressure in the closed ventilation cycle.

The compressor unit is equipped with the systems of control, protection, monitoring and signalling, protection against backflow of gas from the network to the compressor, against surge, axial displacement of rotors of all the cylinders, against temperature rise of the unit bearing shells, as well as against oil pressure reduction in the lubrication system.

Technical characteristics