Gas-Pumping Unit GPU-25 "Ladoga"

REP Holding offers manufacture of GPA- 25 “Ladoga” for installation at compressor stations of the gas trunk-lines with operating pressure from 5.5 to 12.0 Mpa.

GPA-25 “Ladoga” is designed for natural gas transmission and can be used both for reconstruction of existing gas compressor stations, and for construction of new ones for gas trunk-lines. It is supplied in the individual hangar-type building, in complete ready-to-use modules.

The unit design allows for operation in any climatic zones and provides for maximum maintainability in the compressor stations conditions.

Manufacture and assembly of GPA-25 “Ladoga” is carried out at the production facilities of Nevskiy Zavod under license and in cooperation with Solar Turbines company.

GPA Configuration:

  • Gas turbine unit rated at 22.4 MW
  • Natural gas centrifugal compressor
  • Integrated Automatic Control System (KSAU)
  • Filter house
  • Exhaust system
  • GTU cooling system
  • Axial compressor washing system
  • Dry gas dynamic control systems
  • Separation and buffer gas treatment units
  • Oil supply system of the turbine and compressor
  • Fuel gas treatment and supply unit
  • Individual easy-to-assemble hangar-type building with the system of forced draft, exhaust, emergency ventilation and heating, lighting, gas detection, gas detection, fire-fighting and alarm

Gus-pumping unit GPU-25 Ladoga