151-21-1С Compressor


The 151-21-1С compressor is incorporated into the GPA-4RM-01 and is designed for compression and movement of natural gas via the gas pipelines. The 151-21-1С compressor is unified with the 47-71-1С compressor in its general concepts and the assemblies used.

The main components of the compressor:

  • compressor casing;
  • compressor package;
  • running gear;
  • suction branch pipe;
  • discharge branch pipe;
  • ACS system;
  • lubrication system;
  • dry gas seals system;
  • compressor rotor.

Design features

The compressor casing is made from a steel forging with weldedon discharge branch and suction pipes. The suction branch pipe is arranged at 450 on the side opposite to the discharge branch pipe. Fully assembled a package of compressor start in the cylinder bore all the way up the Burt and is fixed from the axial movement of the split ring.

The compressor is packaged into a common container with all the operation support systems. The compressor is driven by the gas turbine unit.

Technical characteristics