125-31-1С, 170-31-1С Compressors


The 170-31-1С, 125-31-1С compressors are incorporated into the GPU-4RM-03 and GPU-4RM-03 and are designed for compression and movement of natural gas via the gas-main pipelines in the CS conditions with a high pressure.

The main components of the compressor:

  • compressor casing; compressor package;
  • running gear;
  • suction branch pipe;
  • discharge branch pipe; ACS system;;
  • lubrication system;
  • dry gas seals system;
  • compressor rotor.

Design features

The flow passage and the running gear are combined into a package arranged in the casing boring. The package is anchored in the casing by segments of the thrust ring. This makes it possible to quickly disassemble the compressor. The following connection schemes are available: parallel, serial, single. The compressors differ in the geometry of the flow passage.

The gas turbine unit power rating is 4MW, the nominal speed is 10300 rpm. The compressor is driven directly by the turbine, without a gear unit.

The compressors are unified with the 151-21-1С and 47-71-1С compressors in its general concepts and the assemblies used.

The flow passages of the compressor is made with three-level impellers, which have small inlet and outlet angles of blades to provide a wide range of steady operation. The compressor casings are made from steel forgings with welded-on discharge branch and suction pipes. The compressor is packaged into a common container with all the operation support systems.

Technical characteristics