Centrifugal Compressors for the Blast Furnaces


The group of the centrifugal compressors for the blast furnaces includes the following machine series: K5500-41-1, K5500-42 1, K550-41-1M, K 3250-41-2, K 3250-42-1.

Design Features

The centrifugal compressors for the blast furnaces are a singlecylinder, double-circuit, four-stage direct drive machines with one intermediate cooler. The centrifugal compressors are driven by the steam turbines with output power of 8-30 MW, which allow for the centrifugal compressor to change its operating mode due to change of the rotor speed.

The compressors K3250-41-2 and K3250-42-1 have a similar design, and they differ only in width of the impellers’, vaned diffusors’ and inverse guide vanes’ channels.

The compressors are equipped with the automatic and protection devices, controls, which provide stable operation of the compressors.

Technical characteristics