Gas-Pumping Unit GPU-32

GPU-32 “Ladoga” is a key link in the strategic program of reconstruction of the Russian gas transmission system. This is a new high-efficient unit designed for the Russian market on the basis of the MS5002 base gas turbine family which has been successfully operating at many compressor stations in Russia, and the total operating time all over the world today is more than 16 million hours.

"REP Holding" produces a high-technology gas–pumping unit “Ladoga-32” for operating conditions of any degree of complexity, remarkable in its high efficiency (36 %), low emissions and prolonged service life.

ГПА-32 «Ladoga» in the packaging shop on the site«Nevskiy Zavod»  

GPU-32 “Ladoga” in the packaging shop on the site of Nevskiy Zavod

Production and assembly of GPU-32 “Ladoga” is performed at the production facilities of Nevskiy Zavod under the license of and in coоperation with GE Oil & Gas.

The unit “Ladoga-32” is designed for transmission of natural gas via the gas-main pipelines.

•technologically perfect product for
transmission of natural gas under
a pressure of 120 atmospheres;
•high efficiency;
•low level of harmful emissions
meeting the up-to-date environmental
•high reliability and operational
•turn–key delivery.

Unit components:  

•gas turbine unit MS5002E rated
at 32 MW:
−MS5002E turbo-unit;
−auxiliary base plate
of the MS5002E GTU;
−heat–and–noise insulating enclosure
of the MS5002E auxiliary
base plate ;
−heat–and–noise insulating enclosure
of the MS5002E gas turbine
•natural gas compressor 400-21-1С;
•integrated automatic control system;
•filter house;
•power supply system;
•instrumentation (control and measuring