47-71-1С Compressor for Compressor Stations of Underground Gas Storage


The 47-71-1S (47-71-1) compressor is included in GPU-4RM as part of GPU-4RM-02 and is designed for gas injection into the underground storage facility.

The main components of the compressor:

  • compressor casing;compressor package;
  • journal and thrust bearings;
  • suction branch pipe;
  • discharge branch pipe;
  • ACS system;
  • lubrication system;
  • dry gas seals system;
  • compressor rotor..

Design features

The compressor is driven by the gas turbine produced by JSC “NPO “Saturn”.

The GTU power is 4MW, nominal rotor speed is 10 200 rpm.

The compressor is driven directly from the turbine, without a gear box.

The flow passage of the compressor is designed with vaneless diffusers to provide a wide range of steady operation. The branch pipes are arranged on one side. Inside the casing boring inserted is the package consisting of two covers, suction chamber and diaphragms connected with each other by elastic ties.

Technical characteristics