Replaceable Flow Paths (RFP) for Modernization of Serial Natural Gas Compressors

The replaceable flow paths (RFP) are designed for modernization of the of the life-expired and obsolete gas–pumping unit compressors,as well as in case of changes in the compressor station operating conditions.

Complete set of the unit

The package consists of the rotor, stator elements and seals of the flow path, bearings and high pressure end face seals, the joint with the drive and overhead main oil pump that supplies oil both to the high pressure system and to the lubrication system of the modernizedcompressor. During operation the compressor becomes completely independent of the external power supply. The stator elements of the flow path are made without a horizontal split. The rotors of all the flow paths are made two-point.

The Main Parameters of the replaceable flow paths for Modernization of Serial Natural Gas Compressors