Gas turbine power stations based on gas turbines rated at 22/25 MW


Т-22/25 gas turbine (Titan-250), simple - cycle High-tech industrial gas turbine, produced and assembled in Russia on the production site of REP Holding – “Nevskiy Zavod” Plant under the license and in cooperation with Solar Turbines. It features the highest economical efficiency at a low level of harmful emissions for this power rating.

The set of GTP:

  • gas turbine engine on a base plate (GTE);
  • Turbo-generator (TG) for GTE;
  • Gear box to transmit power from the GTE to TG;
  • Inlet air filter;
  • air and gas duct system;
  • heat-recovery boiler (option*);
  • automatic process control system (APCS);
  • electric equipment;
  • support systems;
  • metal structures.

The layout of the power unit components (inside the integrated building)

1 — GTU (gas turbine unit)
2 — generator with the air cooling system
3 — AFHE (air-cooled, fin-fan heat exchanger)
4 — exhaust pipe with acoustic absorber
5 — air ducting of the cycle air and air cooling systems
6 — filter house
7 — waste heat exchanger


1 high reliability based on modern design practices and technologies applied in the design of the main element – gas turbine engine
2 — full service life – no less than 180 thousand hours (no less than 20 years)
3 — time between overhauls no less than 30 thousand hours
4 — the highest electric efficiency in its class
5 — high economical efficiency of the plant in various operating modes
6 — quick replacement of the GTE due to lateral roll-out

Gas turbine power stations based on 22-25 MW gas turbines