Т16 Gas Turbine Unit

T16 — а new standart of 16 MW heavy-duty gas turbine.T16 turbine has been developed by REP Holding engineers in cooperation with GE Oil & Gas to perfectly match Russian market requirements.

The gas turbine engine, industrial type, features high efficiency (37%), with a prolonged life cycle and high flexibility for on-site service maintenance due, low harmful emissions (NOx<25 ppm).

Purpose and Application:

  • The power unit is designed to generate electric and thermal power;
  • Can be used a mechanical and turbo generator drive;
  • To be used at thermoelectric power stations and central heating and power plants;
  • As an option, it can be equipped with a waste heat recovery boiler, steam or hot water one, for simultaneous generation of electric and thermal power (cogeneration) with a coefficient of fuel heat utilization more than 80%.

Key Features:

  • 16.5 MW is the shaft output
  • 37% is the efficiency of the mechanical drive
  • 36% is the electrical efficiency (simple cycle)
  • 80% is efficiency of the combined power and heat generation plants
  • 200 000 hours - full life cycle
  • no more than 25 ppm - NOx emission  

Components of GTU -Т16:

  • Turbounit of Frame
  • Auxiliary Equipment on Frame
  • Automatic Control System
  • Noise-and Heat-Insulating Enclosure of GTU (Enclosure)

Heavy-duty gas turbine T16