Top-pressure recovery turbines (TPRT)

Top-pressure recovery turbines (TPRT) operating on the blast-furnace top gas are designed to generate electric power at the expense of pressure differential between the gas pressure under the blastfurnace top and pressure in the all-factory top gas reservoir from which gas comes to the consumer.

"REP Holding" produces turbines rated at 12 and 25 MW (TPRT-12,TPRT-25). Based on this design manufactured also can be TPRT rated at 16, 10, 8, 6 MW.

Special features of TPRT produced by "REP Holding":

  • speed of 1500 rpm, which provides minimization of possible erosive wear of the blading when operating on dust-laden gas;
  • regulation of speed or gas pressure ahead of the turbine by means of the variable nozzles with a hydraulic drive;
  • availability of the washing system to wash the flow passage of the turbine, using recirculated water of the blast-furnace shop gas cleaning cycle;
  • availability of the condensate removal system to remove condensate from the inlet and outlet branch pipes of the turbine with a float-type hot-well.

Technical characteristics TPRT

Name of parameter TPRT-12 TPRT-25
Volume flow of gas at 0.101 MPa and 0°С, Nm3 /h 460 000 900 000
Gas pressure in the inlet branch pipe, MPa 0,31 0,304
Gas temperature in the inlet branch pipe, °С 55 40
Speed, s-¹ (rpm) 25 (1500) 1500
Total power on the turbine coupling, MW 11,8 22,5