Electrically-Driven Equipment of the Sintering Stage

Purpose and Application

This group includes compressors purposed to induce air draft through the sinter cake (burden) fused by means of the sintering machine and to remove thus generated agglomeration gases during dry and wet gas cleaning.

Machine Structure

The machine consists of a compressor,having a welded or a cast body and a single double-suction impeller, lube oil system, electrical motor drive connected to the compressor either directly, or via speed-increasing gear. The machine is equipped with protective and control devices which ensure its stable operation.

Typical Components of the Machine:

  • centrifugal сompressor with a rotor, foundation frames, tie-rods and base plates;
  • reduction gear (in case the compressor speed differs from the electric motor drive speed);
  • lube oil system;
  • monitoring and protection instruments, instrument transducers;
  • heat monitoring, control, protection and signaling board;
  • compressor mounting and dismounting tools;
  • accessories for lifting and alignment of the rotor and the top section of the compressor housing;
  • electrical motor;
  • operating documents.

Basic Advantages:

Package-supplies of all machine components manufactured by “REP Holding” result in:

lower cost of the basic equipment due to the fact that such equipment is manufactured directly by CJSC "REPH" subsidiaries;

application of the up-to-date technical solutions;

lower operating cost;

reliable operation of all other components;

earlier equipment delivery dates;

integrated servicing.

Design Features

The group of equipment used for sintering includes the following machine series: 15500-11-1, 15000-11-1, 13000-11-1, 12900-11-1,12000-11-1, 9000-11-5, 9000-11-4, 6700-12-1, 7700-12-1.

General Structure

The compressor includes the compressor itself, the electrical motor drive, the lube oil system, monitoring, protection, and signaling system and the heat monitoring boards.

The shafts of the compressor, the reduction gear, and the electric motor are connected by means of gear couplings. Plate coupling may be used. The lube oil system of the machine provides forced lubrication of the bearings of the compressor, the reduction gear, and the electric motor, and oil supply to the gear transmission and couplings (if applicable).Control of the machine start and stop, and the machine performance monitoring is done from the remote control panel located in the operator’s room.

The machine control panel is equipped with emergency and warning audible signals and lights and process status indicators.

Centrifugal Compressors

Compressors are centrifugal, include the single-cylinder single-stage compressors with the double-suction impellers. The compressor body, either welded,or cast, consists of two suction cavities and a volute. The suction branch pipes are directed upward, the discharge branch pipes, sideward. The volute internals are lined with removable protection plates.

The compressor impeller is a welded piece. The inlet of the impeller is equipped with a removable anti-wear screen. The protective plates and the anti-wear screens prevent wearing of the internal surface of the volute and the impeller by the abrasive dust. The protective plates and the antiwear screens are replaceable.