133-21-1 compressor


The compressor is designed to compress the propylene fraction when operating individually for the consumer.

The unit components:

  • centrifugal compressor and a step-up gear mounted on a common frame.

    • Design features

      The compressor is a two-staged unit with radial and tangential arrangement of the respective inlet and outlet branch pipes cast integral with the compressor casing.

      The compressor cover is made of forge steel and is provided with an elastic diaphragm relieving the compressor from the axial forces during its operation.

      The end face seals mounted in the borings of the casing, as well as the rings on the shaft prevent gas penetration into the machine room.

      Rotor speed increase is provided by means of the step-up gear. The unit is controlled automatically via microprocessor-based hardware.

      The compressor is driven by an asynchronous electric motor.