3300-11-1 and 3300-12-1


The compressors are designed to compress and supply dry sulphur dioxide in the production of sulphuric acid, as well as to compress and supply atmospheric air and other noncorrosive gases close to air in their thermodynamic parameters.

The unit components:

  • centrifugal compressor;
  • electric motor drive;
  • oil system;
  • throttle valve with an electric actuator;
  • the system of control, monitoring, protection and signaling.

Design features

The compressor is one-cylinder, one-staged, with an impeller of two-side suction.

The compressor casing is cast, with a horizontal split. The end shaft seals of the compressor provide its tightness due to supply of inert gas to the seals when operating on sulphur dioxide.

The compressor is driven by an asynchronous electric motor.

The system of control, protection, monitoring and signaling performs:

  • the compressor start and stop from the remote board or locally;
  • protection and emergency shutdown of the compressor in the emergency conditions;
  • monitoring of the compressor process variables;
  • light and audible signaling in case of deviation of the variables from the norm (warning signaling);
  • signaling the protection facilities actuation (emergency signaling);
  • light process signaling;
  • electrical interlock for switching on and off the auxiliary electrical devices of the compressor.

The oil accumulator provides trouble-free shutdown of the compressor in case of power supply failure.