385-21-1 Compressor

 The 385-21-1 compressor is part of the gas-pumping unit GTNR-16 and is designed to compress and transmit natural gas via gas main pipelines with a working pressure of 7.45 MPa.

The gas-pumping unit GTNR-16 is designed for the reconstruction(reequipment) of the GTK–10-4 unit.

Design features                                                                                                      
The compressor is driven by the16 MW gas turbine.The compressor is of centrifugal type, two–staged, with a radial admission and tangential removal
of gas, oil bearings and oil end face seals (can be completed with dry gas dynamic seals at the Customer’srequest).

The compressor casing is made of cast steel and has circumferential grooves that present the channels of the flow path. The inlet and outlet ducts are cast as a single piece with the cylinder and have welded flanges Dnom 700 for connection to the gas pipeline.

The cylinder together with the package forms the flow path of the compressor. The sense of the compressor rotor rotation is right-handed, as per GOST 22376-77 (clockwise, if the compressor is viewed from the drive side).
The compressor design provides for installation of a dry gas seal with the adequate modification of the oil supply system. The startup and shutdown of the compressor is performed with the full working pressure in the loop.

The unit part components:
•oil end face seals;
•oil bearings;
•oil supply system;
•joint part;
•oil accumulator;
•foundation frame.

Technical characteristics