The Low-voltage package module

The Low-voltage package modules


The special control panels (ПС-5, ПС-6, ПС-7, ПС-8)

The Low-voltage package modules are intended for receiving and distribution 
of electric power between auxiliaries consumers at the heat 
electric generation plant, regional power station and NPP, industrial enterprises 
and etc.

The control cabinets (ШО-3, ШД-3)  

Control cabinets are designed for control of the power generating equipment of the electric power plants and substations. The panels are used to form control, protection, indicator boards, and real-time process control loops of thermal, nuclear, and hydraulic power plants. 

DC boards (ЩПТ-24 В, ЩПТ-48 В, ЩПТ-60 В, ЩПТ-110 В, ЩПТ-220 В, ЩПТ-20 В)  

Such boards are designed to receive and distribute DC power to powerconsuming units (consumers) of the 1 category and of the special group of 1 category, as defined by Rules on design of power electric installations, in various industries. 

The panels of radial and straight 
types (ПРР, ПРП)

These desks are designed to form the real-time control loops of the thermal and nuclear power plants.

Suspended boxes/cabinets

Boxes/cabinets are intended for the control cables to be connected during installation of the control-circuit devices and of the industrial lighting circuits rated to the voltage of 380V AC and up to 200V DC.

Valve Actuator Module БЭЗ 

Modules are designed for installation of the secondary electrical circuits for control of the starting and control valves’ actuators and for local control of the process gate valves of power plants. 

Protection Relays and Controls Protection 

Relays and Controls designed by Rittal are based on the microprocessor Protection Relays and Controls Terminals of the leading Russian and world manufacturers: Siprotec (by Siemens), Sepam (by Schneider Electric), Sirius (CJSC “Radius Avtomatika”), etc. Nomenclature of the Protection Relays and Controls Cabinets manufactured by REP Holding includes a full list of cabinets for protection of equipment ПС 35-110/6(10) kV. Dimensions of a standard cabinet: 800х600х2200.