• Iron Casting

    Casting of gray iron items weighing from 0.02 to 2.5 tonnes for general purposes and for power-plant purposes.

  • Steel Casting

    Casting of carbon, alloyed (corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic, etc.) steel items weighing from 0.1 to 2 tonnes for the machine-building industry.

Supplied Objects

Most of the products are produced for packaged supply of the power equipment of Close Company "REP Holding”. Besides internal use of the products of the metallurgical complex, external cooperation with major metallurgical companies (St. Petersburg branch of OAO "Silovye Mashiny LMZ” (Power machines);" ZAO “KMZ "Izhora metal"; ZAO "Severnaya Metallurgicheskaya company " (Northern Iron and Steel Company); OOO “OMZ-Liteynoye proizodstvo” (Foundry), ZAO "Uralsky Turbinny Zavod” (Ural Turbine Works), etc. is maintained.

Packaged Solutions

“REP Holding” takes a comprehensive approach to accomplish the specified tasks. The Company offers a ready solution across a range of the industry sectors. Not only this solution implies manufacturing of an individual parts, but of a whole unit complete with the auxiliaries. This makes the Customer feel comfortable since such solution ensures centralization of all project operations and reliability of the unit. The production structure of “REP Holding” allows to accomplish the whole package of project operations: designing, manufacturing of the parts, assembling and tuning, testing, delivery to the site, installation and installation supervision of the equipment in the operating process.