CJSC ''Nevskiy Zavod''

Nevskiy Zavod is one of the oldest industrial enterprises
of St. Petersburg, a leading power-engineering
enterprise of Russia.

Nevskiy Zavod has a rich industrial history. It was founded in 1857 as a shipbuilding plant and it has produced more than 200 warships. At the turn of 19-20th centuries, when Russia started to develop rapidly railway construction, the Plant mastered production of steam locomotives, and produced more than 4000 units. In the 20-ies the plant was involved in the GOELRO plan and changed its profile to power machine-building, and in the 30 's declared itself as the producer of the first Russian centrifugal turbo-machine for air supply into the blast furnace. A new stage in the development of the Plant began, new sophisticated machines were mastered at a fast pace: compressors, gas blowers, turbines, steam boilers. The plant had produced about 100 machines of 19 types by 1941.

In 1949 the first gas turbine was built in the Soviet Union, and in 1958 production of gas turbines and gas-pumping units for gas pipelines has started. This determined the basic profile of the plant activity in the coming years.