CJSC ''Nevskiy Zavod''

Nevsky Zavod has a developed industrial infrastructure.

Production is based on principles of individual or small-batch manufacture and has a closed cycle as required by the specific application of the Products. Metallurgical production of its own provides manufacture of castings and forgings arriving to the machine-assembly shops where individual parts are machined and manufactured, as well as subsequent assembly of parts and products is performed. The mechanical-assembly shops include the test bed facilities where the manufactured units undergo bed tests.

In 2009 the enterprise full-scale reconstruction was completed: refurbished were industrial and service premises, installed was the equipment of the leading world manufacturers (Mori, Seiko, Okuma, Tos Varnsdorf, Schenck and others), the core production shops were fully equipped, new assembly and test beds were upgraded and built.

Production structure consists of:

- Machine-building production;
  • assembly facilities;
  • rotor production;
  • casing production;
  • blades production;
  • tools mechanical production;
  • production area for magnetic bearings, starter-generators;
  • test facilities department.

- Metallurgical production;
  • pattern production;
  • metallurgical production.

- Boiler – and- welding production;
  • Assembly welding production:
    - base plate area;
    - piping area;
    - assembly of compressor wheels and cylinders;
    - assembly – welding area;
  • Blank mechanical production:
    - gas cutting and forging area;
    - mechanical area;
  • Package production:
    - packaging area;
    - testing area;
    - painting area;
    - assembly, wiring and adjustment of the electric equipment;
    - assembly – welding area.

- Test complex for turbo-compressor equipment.