24 October 2016

«REP Holding» presented its innovative solutions in the area of compressor manufacturing at the conference LLC «Gazprom VNIIGAZ»

«REP Holding» took part in the 5th International Conference «Advanced engineering innovative solutions dedicated to improve modernization and technical re-equipping efficiency for the raw hydrocarbons production facilities» held on the basis of LLC «Gazprom VNIIGAZ».  

The members of administration business units and affiliates of OJSC «Gazprom», Russian and foreign oil and gas companies, scientific and engineering organizations took part in the forum’s activities. 

At the conference were presented the up-to-date innovative engineering solutions in sites renovation for the field infrastructure development at the late stages of production activities, as well as projects dedicated to improve the efficiency of well operation and extraction processes, collection and treatment of raw hydrocarbons.  

The Head of Compressor Design and Investigation Department of CC «IPMB&E» (included into the JSC «REPH») Aleksander Reider presented the equipment for «Gazprom» production facilities manufactured by the Holding within last five years to the conference participants. The projects of centrifugal compressors and replaceable flow passages had been developed with due consideration of varying parameters of natural deposits. 

Among others, the information about absolutely new compressor type 910-41-1СМП with magnetic bearings was announced, the compressor which was designed, manufactured and tested for operation at the booster compressor station of Zapadno-Tarkosaninskoye NGKM (oil-gas condensate field). The specialists’ special attention was drawing to the axial-radial impellers with 3D blades which increase the running efficiency of flow passage under conditions of reservoir gas pressure decline. «REP Holding» first in Russia mastered the production of the axial-radial impellers made of single blank without parts welding and riveting, that significantly increased the reliability of the component itself and of the whole compressor.  

The conference attendees highly praised the innovative approach and timeliness of the Holding’s new developments in the area of compressor-building, highlighted its import-substituting mode and importance for implementing the renovation and technical re-equipping of pipeline facilities.

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