11 May 2010

No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten! “REP Holding” congratulated the veterans of the World War II

In honor of the 65th Victory anniversary in the World War II “REP Holding” organized the variety of the festive events, in which took part more than 400 veterans.

On the sixth of May on the territory of the recreation facility of “REP Holding” in the village Kokkorevo, was held the festive event for the veterans of the village Rahja of Leningrad District.

The event began with the excursion around the museum of the military glory of Leningrad defenders. This museum was restored and reconstructed by “REP Holding”, now in the museum are exhibited the items of the soldier’s household and the fragments of the weapon of The World War II. During the excursion was told about the history of building of the “Lifeline route”, about the heroic exploit of the 101st separate battery of the coastal defense staff, who quelled an attempt of the fascist troops to cross the Neva and occupied the left bank in September 1941, so in such way, the opportunity to organize the “Lifeline route” was saved.

After the museum the veterans were invited to the summer porch, where the festival banquet was organized. Mr. Konovalov V.V. (the representative of top-management of “REP Holding”), the chief executive of the Rahja District Samorykov A.N., the head of local administration of the Rahja District Mr.Dubinin A.I. and other addressed to the veterans with the congratulation words and kind wishes. At the end of the banquet, the veterans received flowers and presents from Holding, and at the final part of the holiday - was the ceremonial laying of wreath to the memorial “The disrupted ring”.

On the seventh of May the honoring of the Nevsky Plant veterans was held.

The holiday started near the central lodge of “Nevsky Plant”. Accompanied by the military band, the column of veterans went through the plant, where the most of them worked heroic during the war. The guests saw the new appearance of the native plant – the reconstructed workshops and modern renovated manufacturing; they also had the opportunity to communicate with the new generation of the workers.

Veterans and the representatives from the Holding company, the representatives of the management and the Veterans administration of the Nevsky District followed to the memorial for the worker, who withstanded heroic during the Leningrad blockade, which is situated in the territory of the “Nevsky plant”. Near memorial the solemn ceremony of the laying of wreath took place, in frame of this event, the adviser to president Mr.Shaidak B.P, the director general of Close Co. “NZL” Mr. Maksimenko G.O., the veteran council chief of the Nevsky District Kystova L.I., the radio announcer of the “Nevsky plant” Kirillova L.I. and other congratulated veterans with the Great Victory Day.

After the end of the ceremony the veterans, accompanied by the military band followed to the cultural centre “Nevsky”, where the festive show took part. The administration deputy Head of the Nevsky district - Kondrashov A.O., representatives from the Holding company and the representatives from Veteran Council addressed a several warm congratulations to the veterans.

In the frame of the show, to the veteran’s attention appeared different folk and circus groups, child musical and choreographic ensembles, such as “Kalinka, Zadorushka” and etc. The program also included the comic events by Oleg Zhelkov and the action of the accordionist Igor Shipkov (the gold tenner of Russian accordionists). This action was really appreciated by the audience.

After the show program, the festival banquet was organized and at the end of the banquet, the veterans were given the flowers and presents from REP Holding.

Many congratulations with the Great Victory Day, Dear Veterans! We wish you strong health, long life and our entire obeisance to you!

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