27 October 2010

Acceptance Tests of the MS5002E Gas Turbine Unit Successfully Completed

On October 19 to 21, 2010 at «REP Holding» carried out were acceptance tests of the MS5002E gas turbine unit (GTU) on the test bed of CJSC «Nevsky Zavod».

The tests were witnessed by the Commission chaired by the Head of the Gas Transmission Department, OAO «Gazprom», Alexander Proskuryakov and General Designer of CJSC «Institute of power machine-building and electronics» Vladimir Shirmanov.

The commission included staff members of CJSC «Institute of power machine-building and electronics», representatives of CJSC «REPH», OAO «Gazprom», Co Ltd «Gazprom VNIIGAZ» and other subsidiaries of OAO «Gazprom», as well as representatives of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.

During the tests the Commission reviewed the design documents for compliance, as well as the gas turbine performance under the test conditions in accordance with the test program and procedure developed by departments of CJSC «Institute of power machine-building and electronics» and agreed with OAO «Gazprom».

The tests passed successfully and confirmed the characteristics stated in the technical design specification, as well as the compliance of the GTU with safety requirements.

The readiness of «REP Holding» for production of the MS5002E Gas Turbine has been confirmed by the acceptance test certificate wherein the Commission recommends the MS5002E Gas Turbine for use as a gas turbine drive of GPA-32 «Ladoga» at compressor stations of OAO «Gazprom».

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