22 March 2022

At the Chayandinskoye field are successfully finished compressor equipment testing of Nevsky Zavod production.

At the Chayandinskoye oil & gas field are finished the non-stop 72 hours acceptance test of centrifugal compressor ЦБК 320-14, 1/101-5300/16С, of Nevsky Zavod manufacturing. A couple of powerful double-barreled centrifugal compressors with multiplexors for transportation and purification of gas were produced and supplied on commission of «Gazpromneft Zapolarie» last year. Up to date both of units were passed through necessary testing and accept for operation.

CC compressor will operate in a train of gas pumping unit at a power of 18 MW and procure compression and supply of oil-associated gas on to preliminary gas processing terminal of «GAZROM Dobycha Noyabrsk» facilities, and then - to the gas pipeline «Power of Siberia». The necessary pressure ratio increase is provided by a double - barrel compressor design.

Associated petroleum gas enters the compressor inlet with a pressure of about 6 atmospheres (0.64 MPa). After 1-st stage of compression in LP cylinder the gas enters through cooler on to enter во 2-d stage of compression in HP cylinder, where compression is performed to the required values - about 100 atmospheres (10.0 MPa).

LP and HP cylinders of compressor are equipped with face dry-gas seals, providing reliable sealing, ease of maintenance and operation. Main and auxiliary equipment of compressor are allocated on single frame design, the unit is supplied in maximum pre-fabricated status, what ensures the convenience of transportation, reduces the time spent on installation and pre-commissioning activities. Performance of double - barrel compressor – 120 thousands nm3/hrs., its use in the composition of GTU are able to provide utilization of gas at a level of not less than 95%.

Chayandinskoye oil & gas field is one of the major at the east of Russia. It is a base for the formation of the Yakut gas production center and a resource base for mainstream gas pipeline «Power of Siberia » (Along with Kovyktinskoe field in the Irkutsk region). The creation of the Yakut Gas Production Center is primarily aimed to provision of gas to Russian consumers. With its development, the necessary conditions for gas supply and gas infrastructure development in Yakutia and other regions of the Far East are being formed.
«Gazpromneft Zapolarie» makes production of oil at Chayandinskoye oil & gas field on the basement of long – time, risk-taking operator agreement with «GAZPROM» PLC. Gas condensate part of production field is developed by LLC «GAZROM Dobycha Noyabrsk».

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