17 March 2022

Field service engineers of Nevsky Zavod were provided the supervision of scheduled maintenance turbo-unit on the iron and steel enterprise « Tulachermet».

The experts of JSC «Nevsky Zavod» (incorporated into Gazprom Energoholding Industrial Assets Group») provided technical support of scheduled maintenance on the turbo-unit ТКА-4200/20 (steam turbine К-20-8, 8 with axial compressor К-4950/4, 5).

Turbo-unit ТКА-4200/20 is the main equipment of turbine-driven blower №6, procuring works of blast-furnace №3 LLC «Tulachermet», had been put into operation in 2016. The unit manufactured at the Nevsky Zavod was developed specifically to maintain the production performance of the upgraded DP-3 furnace with increased productivity and is equipped with movable guide vanes to change the blast parameters at fed to blast furnaces.

As part of the planned repair work, repairs were carried out of thrust and radial bearing of turbine and compressor, and also repair of actuating mechanism velocity governor. Upon the completion of the repair, it was successfully carried out the turbo-unit trial run.

LLC «Tulachermet ", affiliated with Industrial & Metallurgical Holding is one of the leading Russian metallurgical enterprises, the largest in the country Vendor of commercial iron. Industrial capacity of company is allow producing more than two million tons of metal per year.

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