28 July 2021

EVRAZ NTMK has Completed Installation of the Top-Pressure Recovery Turbine Manufactured by Nevskiy Zavod

At the Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant, installation of the top-pressure recovery turbine (GUBT) manufactured by Nevskiy Zavod has been completed and pre- commissioning activities have started.

The unit will operate in conjunction with EVRAZ NTMK blast furnace No. 7, which will enable the company to reduce the environmental impact, increase generation of its own electrical power by 11.6 MW per hour (97,162 thousand kWh / year), as well as to reduce the amount of electric power purchased from external suppliers. Blast furnace gas flow through GUBT will be 460,000 Nm³/h.

The equipment meets the highest environmental standards, no additional fuel is used for power generation with the help of GUBT. The turbine converts the excessive pressure of blast furnace gas to the general shop level. The energy from conversion of excessive pressure rotates the turbine and generator rotors, due to which electrical power is generated. Blast furnace gas is then supplied to the combined heat and power plant and to the rolling shop heating furnaces.

The top-pressure recovery turbine rated at 16 MW is a new in-house development of Nevskiy Zavod. It implements technical solutions that ensure non-stop operation of the unit on dusty blast furnace gas. The turbine speed is 1500 rpm, which reduces possible erosion wear of the rotor blades. Regulation of speed and gas pressure upstream of the turbine is carried out by means of variable guide vanes with a hydraulic drive. The tightness of the unit is ensured by supplying nitrogen to the turbine labyrinth seals and variable vanes glands under a pressure exceeding the pressure of the blast furnace gas. The turbine is equipped with an automated monitoring and protection system.

Nevskiy Zavod has experience in the design, manufacture and supply of GUBT to Russian metallurgical plants. In 2002, Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works (OJSC “Severstal”) commissioned the top-pressure recovery turbine rated at 25 MW operating in conjunction with blast furnace No. 5 (“Severyanka”) which was designed and manufactured by Nevskiy Zavod together with the German company “Zimmerman & Jansen GMBH”. During its operation, the unit demonstrated high efficiency and good performance indicators. The new top-pressure recovery turbine project implements tried-and-true technical solutions that have already been proven on GUBT-25, and introduces the new developments of Nevskiy Zavod that make it possible to offer the customers the most effective solutions in terms of reliability, performance and safety of equipment.

Upon completion of the pre-commissioning activities at EVRAZ NTMK the unit will undergo string tests, including 72-hour tests under full load. Driving the top-pressure recovery turbine up to the rated capacity is scheduled for October this year.

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