1 April 2021

“REP Holding” signed an agreement with CPMI

“REP Holding” has signed a cooperation agreement with the Corporate and Project Management Institute (CPMI).
The parties agreed to jointly implement investment projects in the development, production and operation of innovative energy products. In particular, joint implementation of a project of modernising and improving the efficiency of natural gas compressor equipment is planned at “Gazprom”, PJSC facilities using a private financing mechanism.

The signed agreement is aimed at improving the competitiveness of manufactured products and expanding “REP Holding’s” portfolio of orders by usage modern financing tools and legal framework of the concluded contracts.

The Corporate and Project Management Institute (CPMI) is a consolidated center of competence in the field of pre-investment research, project management, project financing, as well as in general - improving the efficiency of the implementation of large-scale investment projects.

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