18 December 2020

REP Holding will produce 19 “Ladoga” Units for Gazprom

REP Holding has entered into a contract with Gazprom Invest LLC for supply of 19 gas-pumping units (GPU-32) “Ladoga” to Gazprom project sites by the end of 2023.
The gas-pumping units are intended for Gazprom projects to further expand the Northern Gas Transport Corridor of the Unified Gas Supply System of the Russian Federation, in the long term a key gas transport route for gas supply to Russian consumers and for export.

The high-tech gas-pumping unit “Ladoga”, based on the industrial gas turbine of 32 MW is characterized by a high degree of reliability and availability, low levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen emissions, extensive operational life, including in adverse climatic conditions.

“Ladoga” belongs to the industrial gas turbine units class with a long service life and extensive service capabilities at the operating facilities.. It has been manufactured at REP Holding facilities since 2009 in compliance with API standards.

"This is the largest contract in the history of cooperation between our companies," said Igor Mishin, General Director of REP Holding JSC. "It opens up great prospects for us, including as it relates to long-term planning of GPU supplies, which will ensure efficient loading of Nevskiy plant’s mechanical facilities. We are sure that the use of modern highly efficient gas pumping units GPU-32 “Ladoga” will guarantee uninterrupted operation and contribute to the systemic development of the Russian gas transmission system.”

“Ladoga” units have already proven their effectiveness. They are successfully operated at the facilities of Gazprom Group companies.

To date, REP Holding has manufactured 75 GPA-32 “Ladoga” units at the production facilities of the Nevskiy plant. Of these, more than 60 units have been supplied to Gazprom Group project sites.

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