5 February 2020

«REP Holding’s» compressor equipment was commissioned at the Mozyr Oil Refinery

The compressor equipment manufactured by «REP Holding» was put in operation at the catalytic cracking unit of the Mozyr Oil Refinery (Republic of Belarus).

The equipment was supplied as a part of retrofitting project for the main blower К-2001 of the catalytic cracking unit at the Mozyr Oil Refinery for the purpose of technical upgrading and increasing its equipment productivity.

The scope of supply includes a rotor and a compressor stator flow channel, a steam turbine rotor, control units and a set of spare parts. The whole equipment package was manufactured at the Nevsky Plant.

The equipment startup was preceded by successful 72-hour tests. Installation supervision and commissioning activities were carried out under technical supervision of the service engineers of «REP Holding».

The main blower К-2001 of the catalytic cracking unit of the Mozyr Oil Refinery was put in operation in 2004. The blower consists of the steam turbine К-11-3,4 and the axial compressor К-3750/3 manufactured by Nevsky Plant.

Since 1963, the products of the Nevsky Plant have been supplied for the chemical, metallurgical, gas and power generation industries of Belarus. At the moment, the Mozyr Oil Refinery is not the only plant with which «REP Holding» cooperates in this republic. For instance, JSC «Grodno Azot» is a regular customer of maintenance services and components of turbo-compressor equipment. Supply of original spare parts manufactured by «REP Holding» let significantly improve the reliability and efficiency of units operation.

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