7 June 2019

Gazprom, REP Holding and Nuovo Pignone International S.r.l. sign a trilateral memorandum

On June 7, within the framework of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum PJSC Gazprom, REP Holding JSC and Nuovo Pignone International S.r.l. signed a Memorandum of Undestanding on cooperation in the development of a 120 MW class gas turbine with subsequent production and localization in the Russian Federation.

The document was signed by Deputy Chairman of the Board Vitaly Markelov, President of REP Holding Tagir Nigmatulin, and BHGE Chairman, President and CEO Lorenzo Simonelli on behalf of Nuovo Pignone International S.r.l., which is part of BHGE.

Taking into account the established long-term partnerships in the implementation of the project on the localization of GTU 32 MW MS5002E / GPA-32 "Ladoga" in Russia, as well as the joint development of GTU LT16 (Nova LT) both for the Russian market, the parties are planning to further expand the scope of partnership and are considering the possibility of concluding new agreements on production and localization in Russia, as well as installation and operation in Russia of a new 120 MW class gas turbine installation.

The parties will form a working group to conduct a joint assessment of the possibilities of cooperation in the development and production of the 120 MW class gas turbine in Russia. A possible market will also be determined for the next 15 years. The market assessment will primarily include the potential needs of PJSC Gazprom, further application in Russia and the possibility of entering other territories.

“The implementation of this unique project provides for the development of joint technical documentation by REP Holding and BHGE, and also provides us with the opportunity to carry out services of the GTU in the Russian market. In addition, as part of the Project, REP Holding will develop and manufacture its own control system. In perspective we plan to organize a full production cycle of this 120 MW class GTU on the territory of the Russian Federation”, - said President of REP Holding Tagir Nigmatulin.

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