25 July 2018

Students of leading technical universities completed production practice in REP Holding

Students of the leading technical universities - St. Petersburg-Marine technical University and Polytechnic University name of Peter the Great-successfully completed the summer production practice at the Engineering center of REP Holding.

During 3 weeks eleven students studying at the fourth year in the direction of "power engineering" worked on the development of a radial fan driven by an electric motor to work as part of the bearing venting system of the gas turbine unit.

For the project the specialists of the Engineering center developed a technical specification with the main requirements for the fan design. Students-trainees were divided into three teams, among which the main tasks of developing a new product were distributed.

The first group of students performed calculations of the aerodynamics of the fan. As a result of a series of calculations, this group of students determined the optimal geometry of the blades, impeller and fan housing, which provides the required performance parameters – head and fan performance, and while maintains high efficiency of the installation.

The resulting geometry was transferred to the second group of students involved in the design. On its basis, they developed a fan design with a support stand, choosed an electric motor, vibration mounts and fasteners, as well as determined the materials of the installation and the main technological operations of production. The formed structure was subjected to strength analysis by the third group of students, who confirmed the adequacy of the design decisions.

During the practice, a meeting of students with the President of REP Holding Tagir Nigmatulin was organized. He answered the questions of senior students about the trends and features of modern domestic engineering and the prospects of the industry, shared his memories and experience. The President of the Holding urged young designers to be open, ideological, creative, to live and "root" their profession, setting ambitious goals. He stressed that the engineer is not just a job, but a vocation.

Upon completion of the work, the students prepared a detailed report with graphics and design sketches. The defense took place in a solemn atmosphere in the presence of the President of REP Holding Tagir Nigmatulin, General designer Mikhail Kolotnikov and chief designer of turbines and turbine units Sergey Erokhin.

"The trainees saw with their own eyes how the real design department operates and how the process of designing a new product is organized," says Artem Andropov, head of the practice, head of the design Department of the layout of turbomachines and turbine units. - Many students on their initiative have the opportunity to continue the practice until the beginning of the school year."

Partnership with specialized universities and secondary educational institutions of St. Petersburg is an integral part of the corporate strategy of REP Holding. Every year, dozens of students pass practice and training at various departments and production sites of the company, getting acquainted with the specifics of work at the modern power plant.

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