7 March 2018

Automatic control system for GTU, manufactured by REP Holding was put into commission on the CS "Maloperanskaya"

REP Holding put into commission the automatic control system for the gas turbine unit - ACS for GTU MS5002E. This automatic control system was fully developed and manufactured by REP Holding specialists within the frames of localization program of MS5002E gas turbine unit manufacturing, GT is included into the of the set of gas-pumping unit “Ladoga-32”.

This system was already installed in one gas compressor unit, manufactured by Nevskiy Zavod (the manufacturing site of REP Holding). This unit is included into the set of compressor station “Maloperanskaya” of main gas pipeline “Bovanenkovo-Ukhta” in the industrial pilot production mode.

Before the launching of the 1st Russian localized ACS for GTU MS5002E, equipment was successfully passed 72 hours test on the operation mode of GPU “MAIN” with the operation of GTU combustion chambers in the “diffusion” mode and also the operation in “Premix” mode.

The ACS for GTU was completely designed by the engineers of REP Holding, using Russian components on the base of the original control algorithms for gas turbine. The equipment was manufactured at Electropult plant (the manufacturing site of REP Holding).

"The localization of GTU automatic control system gives, first of all, the economic advantages, and secondly excludes the dependence on the foreign licensor GTU MS5002E with regard to the control system," mentioned Mr. Vasily Spirin, the project manager.

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